Someone once told me that by the time I graduated from university I wouldn’t have time to be a part of whatever fandom I was at the moment. That real life and job hunting has a way of sucking up the energy you need in order to keep up with series/anime/gaming/manga/films/comics, heck even properly watch sports anymore. I believed that person (hey I was 15 at the time!) I really did- so I postponed graduating (fine, I might be just a tad lazy and might, just might have mastered the art of procrastination) as much as I could in order not to lose the passion of the fandom.

And one day I had to graduate; so I did. And let me tell you, nothing changed afterwards. Why you ask? Well, let’s just say that hunting a job, requires for a job position to exist in order to hunt it! (..procrastination excuse or true story?)

And real life? Well, real life contains the passion you have for whatever fandom you’re a part of (or hobby, habit etc) so don’t ever think that will ever go away; as long as you truly like(d) something, you will always feel the burning desire to talk about it.

tl;dr I suck at writing “about” pages. I have written before (in a livejournal account I used to have) about anime, manga, games, football but lately (relative term) due to my sister’s nagging, I officially succumbed to the sweet darkness of Asian dramas, (I had only watched movies that correlated to manga/anime adaptions up until then) so I created this blog in order to feel somewhat productive again and to have a brand new outlet as a future memoir. As I’m (..still not) finishing this ridiculous about-me page, in this blog I plan on writing mainly about dramas- be it reviews, maybe a few recaps, that sort of thing. But, any other of the stuff I follow/like could sneak in.

To anyone that stumbled in here by accident, I commend you on your courage after having made it this far, and if you decide to stick around I hope you find my entries a bit worthwhile.

And don’t forget! – :::




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